My Favorite Romantic Comedies to Watch From 2000-2010

If you are looking for a great movie to watch on a date night, and are looking for a good compromise between genres, romantic comedies may not always be an option. Many men (as well as some women) find these movies to be unappealing, however you should know that there are some good options out there.

Here is a list of what I consider to be the most enjoyable movies of the romantic comedy genre to come out in
theatres from 2000 to 2010.

I will have to start off with probably the best film of any on this list, and that is none other than Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Oddly enough, this film has a very serious subject matter to it, and can be considered dark comedy as well. This might be my favorite Jim Carrey movie of any.

Another movie that surely must be mentioned on this list for me is Love, Actually. As a guy who normally does not like romantic comedies, I was very hesitant to see this movie, but sure am glad I did. It is a very well done movie, regardless of its genre.

When it comes to some of the funniest romantic comedies, I have to mention Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This film is absolutely hilarious and finds the right balance of romance with comedy. Sure, the comedy is more prevalent, but its got enough of a romantic storyline as well.

Another movie to surely mention on this list is Lars And The Real Girl. This is surely not your run of the mill romantic comedy and is all the better for it. Kudos to Ryan Gosling in actually convincing audiences that he is having a relationship with a prosthetic doll.

One last film that I feel compelled to mention is Hitch. I tend to like most films that Will Smith is in, but this movie surely is the most romantic of comedies in his catalogue. Its funny, its cute, its plain and simple, an enjoyable film.

These are just a few of the great romantic comedies to be released over the past decade, but certainly there have to be a few more I am forgetting.