Best Romantic Comedies

Who does not like romantic comedies? After all, they are fun and light-hearted, and provide a good laugh or cry, as well as lots of romance. In romantic comedies, passion, love and romance become the central theme of the plot, while humor also plays an integral part in the background of the storyline. With the perfect blend of romance and humor, romantic comedy films have grown to be a popular means of total entertainment. And they are not only fun movies but also perfect for romantic dates. This is why they are so popular among teens, young adults, and couples of all ages.

There are so many good romantic comedy movies, that it’s quite to difficult to name all of them here. However, there are a few romantic comedies which we cannot ignore as they have not lost their charm, beauty and greatness over time.

One that comes into my mind is a classic romance movie called “City Lights”. Directed by the famous Charlie Chaplin, and in the year of 1931, it’s considered to be one of the greatest romantic movies of all time. This is one of the most beloved and most adored of all the Chaplin movies. It is the story of a poor tramp, played by Charlie Chaplin and a beautiful flower girl, played by Virginia Cherrill, who is blind and makes her living selling flowers on the street. The movie is an example of selfless and innocent love where the poor tramp goes through a series of hurdles, and circumstance so that he can bring her sight back.

He is not a rich man outside, but inside he is an emperor willing to make all the sacrifices for a girl who has never seen him and has mistaken him for a rich man. But the movie is not only about sacrifice, there is a perfect blending of pure love, selfless acts from these two lovers, and enough humor to keep the audience entertained. “City Lights” is definitely the greatest example of a wonderfully entertaining movie and one of the best romance movies ever to be made for the silver screen. “City Lights” is a simple, pure drama of selfless love and pure romance, while in the meantime being incredibly funny. Hence it is well-remembered today and hailed as one of the greatest classic romance movies of all time.

Well, “City Lights” is one of the top on the list, but there are hundreds of other great romantic comedies, and they are all unique, funny and entertaining in their own way. For example, let’s talk about “Splash”. Made in the year 1984 and directed by Ron Howard, “Splash” stars Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah. “Splash” is a fantasy, romantic comedy of two individuals, one is human and the other is a mermaid. The movie is sheer entertainment, and in the meantime providing viewers great relief from their day to day worried lives, allowing them to escape into a world of fantasy and romance.

We also cannot forget about “Roman Holiday”, another enduring classic romantic comedy movie from 1953. This movie features a young Audrey Hepburn and the dashing Gregory Peck, directed by William Wyler. It’s a wonderful love story between a runaway princess and the reporter who initially wants to get the inside scoop of her life, but they each end up falling in love with each other.

Here are some other best classic comedy romance movies that are very popular, well-known and recommended: It Happened One Night, Sleepless in Seattle, The Princess Bride, Annie Hall, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Romancing the Stone, When Harry Met Sally, and Pretty Woman.