A Guy’s List of the Best Romantic Comedies From the Past Decade

Any time a guy and a girl want to see a movie together, it is most likely rare that the guy will suggest a romantic comedy. I do not mean to stereotype or make a generalization, but the studios that produce romantic comedies will be the first to admit that their target demographic with this genre of films is females. That is not to say that men cannot enjoy these films, however.

The following are my personal favorite romantic comedies of the last decade.

It is hard to find a funnier romantic comedy out there than Knocked Up. This movie stars Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl as well as the rest of the Judd Apatow camp, including the always hilarious Paul Rudd.

If you are looking for something outside the box, yet still enjoyable, you should consider The Science Of Sleep, directed by Michel Gondry. This film is visually trippy and stars the incredibly talented Gael Garcia Bernal.

Another film that I have to mention is the followup to Richard Linklater’s 1995 cult classic, Before Sunrise. This film is appropriately titled Before Sunset and follows a reencounter between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy 9 years after their romantic meeting in Paris.

While it is not a traditional romantic comedy, Vicky Christina Barcelona is a great watch for date night. This movie has a star studded cast in Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

Another movie that I must mention on any list of guy-friendly romantic comedies would be the independent feature, New York, I Love You. This movie is actually comprised of 10 short films, all by notable directors and each story is unique, yet totally interesting.

As it stands, this is my list. With so many bad romantic comedies being released every year, it will take an awesome film to supplant any of these.